Imaginary Landscape, 2021
with Mathias Schlägel
Vienna, Austria.

Film archive 16mm, Animation.

Imaginary Landscape it’s a procesualproject developed through months of conversations reflecting on video, painting and animation. In a pulse for a relational creation, this work ponders about an urge for the beauty of the abstract with small glimpses of reality and, likewise, a shared perception over the need to yearn ways within creation that appeal to paths of freedom, wether in creation or representation.

‘’Closing your eyes and leaving the city behind (…)
Up on a hilltop you are looking back but the city it’s too far away.
The windows seems as it would soak in the world and simultaneously putting out the world apart.
After the moon comes up all shadows fade away and just the pond makes with all his struggle and illness. Diving into the countryside.
Feeling Home.
Feed some sparkling crystals through the moonshine,
As the next day arrives you see some new land coming up and the ponds back mirroring the sky (…)
It looks like the world is upside down and you trying to sort out your feelings. As the days go by you forgot to worry about your life in the city and it looks more like a painting you forgot to watch.
You think to start a fire by cutting down the trees of your imagination.
A cloud of smoke blinds your eyesight as you are standing in the woods.
You rub your eyes to get the tears out.
The sparkling colors just fade away as you open your eyes.
It’s the home dark and you decide to get back into your dreams.
As moon once again get in its journey over the night sky you try to keep some of its glance.’’