Valentina Rodríguez

Born in Bogotá, Colombia (1998) 

Currently studying MA Time based media at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria. Bachelor in Fine Arts at National University of Colombia. My artistic journey has been enriched by various experiences, including being awarded the second prize at Premio Arte Jovén 2021 and showcasing my work at some incredible venues, including Nueveochenta Gallery and various film festivals around the world.

My artistic practice goes around the exploration of archive material and found footage. I'm interested in experimenting with  images using different techniques such as painting, engraving, drawing, and analog animation. Central to my work is the manipulation of archive-image and the gap between reality and fiction that this may depict. I have a keen interest in converging drawing and painting within my video works, blurring the lines between traditional and digital mediums in animations and video.  Through deliberate gestures and interventions, I consciously engage in the process of image creation, seeking to blur some of the boundaries of representation and give texture to my works.

Courses and workshops
Art of the MOOC, Public Art and Pedagogy. Duke University through Coursera
Tomás Wells Animation Workshop, CINETORO Experimental Film Festival.

Grants, Awards and Residencies
2022-23 ÖNB Labs Art Program
2021 Awarded Prize of Competition Premio Arte Joven Embassy of Spain in Colombia
and Colsanitas for ‘’Ansia’’
2020 ‘’Best profesional Sound’’ Nos Vemos en 16:9 Film Fest, Bogotá, Colombia.

Selected Group Exhibitions and screenings.
2024 Arte Joven Retrospectiva 2008-2023, Cartagena, Colombia,
2023 The Wrong Biennale, Web Exhibition.
2023 Ars Electronica Festival Uni Campus, Linz, Austria.
2023 Kunst in Stein Kunst Auf Papier Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Linz, Austria.
2023 Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria.
2022 Mira Film Festival, Bonn, Germany.
2021 Nueveochenta Gallery ‘’Premio Arte Joven 2021’’, Bogotá, Colombia.
2021 Galerie WHA ‘’Dreams and Nightmares’’, Linz, Austria.
2020 Barcú Art Fair ‘’Spotlights’’ Bogotá, Colombia.
2020 Cinestesia Universitary Film Festival, Bogotá, Colombia.
2020 Cinetoro Experimental Film Fest, Valle, Colombia.

Private Collection
Ansia, Embassy of Spain in Colombia and Colsanitas


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